So, you successfully landed the job! To us you're so much more than just a placement or an 'ex-candidate'. Part of our service commitment to you is making sure that you're adjusting well and conducting a courtesy check-in within your first 30 to make sure that things are still moving in the right direction.

Candidate New Job Follow-up

So you've landed the job - awesome work! We make it our priority to touch base with our candidates during their first 30 - 60 days of employment - just as a courtesy follow-up and a way of saying  'thank you' for trusting us with your employment needs. Don't worry - we won't 'hound' you, but it is part of our service commitment to check and make sure that things are going well. 

You're not just another number here at VERDE Placement. We've both put in the time and effort to make sure that you were a match for our client and vice-versa. So, if there are questions, concerns, or if anything is 'out of sync' - we want to try and help make it right.

That's part of our service commitment to you for having been our candidate - and we appreciate you!