Our Process

Introductions are important!

Therefore, we begin with a client consultation to gain a more thorough understanding of your business's needs, goals, and the culture of your organization. We then deep dive into the job role(s) and the essential competencies required so that we are able to source and vet the most qualified candidates to fill your open requisitions.

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Client Consultation

Our clients are our DRIVING FORCE! And when it comes to satisfying the hiring needs of your organization, we take into serious consideration the intricacies of just what you're needing to accomplish. From the information obtained during our Discovery Call, we build our candidate pipeline around your particular job vacancies and the specific requirements of the role(s) you're needing to fill.

We Use A 3-Phase Approach That Delivers Results:

Phase 1:  Discovery & Sourcing Strategy Session

During our initial hiring consultation we will discuss your needs and then formulate a plan of action. We will filter through initial candidate searches and refine the results as well as develop interview questions specific to the role(s) you need to fill.

  • Conduct a hiring consultation
  • Design a Recruitment and Sourcing Strategy
  • Develop position-specific questions for your open requisition(s)

Phase 2:  Multi-Channel Sourcing

We build a list of candidates for your requisition(s) and review their qualifications to vet them for the critical competencies that you require.

  • Promote within proprietary pipeline of previously contacted candidates
  • Conduct a deeper filtered search within job boards and databases of active job seekers
  • Initiate an online strategy using multiple social media platforms as well as industry-niche job boards to reach qualified passive candidates
  • Monitor the effectiveness of our outreach and continue to update and make revisions as necessary

Phase 3: Candidate Screening, Interview & Evaluation

Once we’ve refined our candidate group, in addition to our screening process, we also use a consultative discovery approach to further narrow our candidate pool to match the needs of your open requisition(s) and to make sure that each candidate is armed with the information needed to make a definite yes or no decision about moving forward.  We conclude the process by submitting to you only interested, qualified, and available candidates.

  • Perform telephone interviews with potential candidates
  • Deliver summarized evaluations for each candidate submitted

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